Make Your Lawn Stand Out This Spring

Make Your Lawn Stand Out This Spring

Think about renovating your lawn, especially after winter when it's looking dead or overrun with weeds and there's no hope in sight. Spring lawn renovation can be done in a day with hard work and a few rental tools. This time make sure that you take care of your lawn carefully so you won't be needing to do this again soon!

Materials List

  • Sod cutter (rental item)
  • Rototill machine (rental item)
  • Sod roller (rental item)
  • Herbicide
  • Rake
  • Seed starter fertilizer
  • Heavy knife

Step 1. Kill the Old Lawn For best results, water and fertilize your lawn so that it's in a vigorous state of growth. Then spray your lawn and weeds with a herbicide so that it penetrates down deep into your root system. Usually just one treatment will kill your lawn and weeds completely.

Step 2. Remove Dead Lawn Using a sod cutter, strip away the dead turf. Sod cutters can be found at your local rental store. You can roll the dead sod and discard.

Step 3. Rototill Soil After removing any rocks or debris, rototill the soil to a depth of about four to six inches. You can find a rototill machine at your local rental store.

Step 4. Rake and Fine Grade Rake the soil to break up large clumps of dirt and remove any other debris. Fine grade the surface by scraping across the surface to smooth uneven areas. Finished grade should be a 1/2-inch below walks, driveways or patios. The sod will conform to any irregularities you have left in the grade.

Step 5. Apply Seed Starter Distribute the fertilizer evenly over the area by hand or with an applicator. Avoid doing this on a real windy day and make sure to follow the directions on the bag for best results.

Step 6.Roll Soil Roll the soil with a roller to settle and firm the surface before you begin laying the sod. The soil should be dry to avoid compacting the soil too deeply.

Step 7. Lay Sod Immediately Once you pick up the sod or have it delivered you want to lay it immediately. Begin by laying the sod adjacent to the longest area to be covered. Stagger each new row so the seams are offset, as in a brick wall. Make sure to butt the ends and edges tightly together for better growth.

Step 8. Conform to Curved Surfaces Cut the sod with a heavy knife when you come to curved surfaces such as planters, patios, trees, etc. After the first 200 sq. ft. are installed, water the sod lightly to prevent it from wilting.

Step 9. Roll Sod When all the sod has been installed, use a roller to make sure that there is good contact between the sod and the soil. A roller can also be rented at your local rental store.

Step 10. Water Thoroughly To avoid having dry patches in your lawn and promote even growth, your sprinkler should provide enough water so all sections are getting adequate coverage.

Step 11. Mowing Mowing should begin one week after installation.

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